There are invisible Laws that govern success, and I offer proven strategies for harnessing those laws.

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"Claire is a spiritual midwife, encouraging and guiding her students to give birth, not only to their most precious dreams, but their authentic selves. She is wise, kind and refreshingly funny; a beacon of love and light. Working with her changed my life by helping me change my thinking... Now that I have, my life is a  constant unfolding of infinite possibilities, whereby all I have to do is say YES!"

Gillian Summers
Storyteller, Santa Barbara CA

Is it really possible to live a life you truly love?

If your dream seems out of reach right now, whether it’s because you’ve been working towards it with limited success, because you feel current circumstances are limiting you, or because you just aren’t sure if you’re going in the right direction, join me for what many of my clients have called a life-changing experience - your own Personal Vision Workshop - FREE!


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