A proven and tested 8-week deep dive journey of yoga, breath and emotional processing that eliminates stress and completely rebuilds and reboots your body, mind and spirit. 


Are you burned out?

Have you suffered from years of stress and anxiety?
Have you been in the habit of taking care of everyone else except yourself?
Do you feel emotionally overwhelmed and just plain exhausted?
Have you spent thousands of dollars on therapy or self-help programs without seeing any real improvement in your life situation?
Maybe you put on a brave face at work or at home but secretly feel ashamed or guilty about some of your thoughts.
Maybe you self-medicate with food, alcohol, drugs, entertainment or random scrolling in order to avoid uncomfortable feelings or to 'zone out' and release a sense of pressure.
Whether you're feeling stuck with regard to your finances, your love life, your creative projects, your health, or a chronic lack of time, you know two things:
1. You're tired, frustrated, depleted and you know something has to change...
2. And what you've tried up until now hasn't yielded the results you were hoping for.

You are not alone.


If any of the above sounds like you, I have good news. None of those ways that you're feeling are the real problem.
Those are just the symptoms.
The real problem is that when faced with the inevitable challenges of life, you were programmed to go into a stress response.
In fact, we all were.
But you can change your programming. And it's simpler than you might realize.

Imagine you could have...


More Peace

Process emotional pain and past trauma without spending years in therapy with an ultra-simple technique that dissolves negativity in days or even hours

More Prosperity

Become a magnet for opportunity as you effortlessly generate more abundance, and embrace challenges as chances to grow and be more authentically yourself

More Power

Feel ‘right’ with yourself, respect your boundaries, cut draining and numbing things out of your life as you honour what is most important to you

Are you ready to effortlessly shift from stress to relaxation and rebuild all the systems of your body, no matter how depleted or out of shape you feel right now?

I'm Interested!

Welcome to...

from Burnout to Bliss



Yes, I'm up for the challenge!

40 Days of Building Momentum through...


Self-Paced Study & Lifetime Access

Go through the program at your own pace, in your own time. Relax, knowing that you have lifetime access to the program, and that every time you go through the content, you are going deeper and accessing more and more of your own inner wisdom.

Structured Daily Practice

No overwhelm! Know exactly what your focus is for the 40-day challenge by following along with me during the practice videos and simple daily exercises, clearly laid out. You'll never have to wonder, 'What do I need to be doing?'!

Support Materials

Video versions of your daily yoga, breath and meditation practice make it easy to keep up (even on the days you don't feel like it)! Audio lessons for each module and beautiful worksheets complement the activation of higher fields of awareness and provide a conceptual framework for aligning with the Source of deep peace and bliss within. New modules are delivered automatically to you weekly.

Visionary Intention

Connect with the highest intention for your growth, held within your energetic matrix using one simple question. Define and design your ideal vision of your blissful life. Learn the RIGHT way to work with affirmations.

Rewiring Brain and Body

Whether you're an experienced yogi or a total newbie, the daily practice of our core set of exercises will meet you where you are and begin the process of toning and upgrading your nervous and glandular systems, preparing the body to receive and metabolize higher frequencies of energy. You'll pull the body out of old patterns from the past and form new habits at the cellular level.

Actually Process Emotions

No more 'managing' or 'coping strategies'. You'll learn the ultra-simple technique my clients use to process trauma or stuck emotional energy in days or even hours, and win back quantities of life force energy as you drop the density and heaviness you've carried for years.

The Missing Piece in Physical and Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Stress, overwhelm and burnout are not actually due to external circumstances, even though it may look that way.
Though we may associate our stress with factors such as work, relationships, or health issues, the truth is that the source of all stress is internal -- caused by the accumulated pressure of repressed emotions, triggered by external events or situations.
It is our RESISTANCE to feeling these pent-up emotions that causes our suffering.
We run away through coping mechanisms that don't address the real problem and often do more harm than good.
And yet this state of pain and suffering is regarded as just 'part of the human condition', when really it’s a reflection of our collective ignorance of how to actually process emotional energy.
There is another way. And it’s so much simpler than we realize. So simple, it’s easy to completely overlook. It doesn’t need to be acquired because it’s already within you and just needs to be reawakened.
Bliss is the natural feeling of coming into harmony with Spiritual Law and your True Nature.
There are no shortcuts. I'm not going to tell you it's easy. It's simple, but that doesn't make it easy. Long-engrained patterns must be shifted for you (or anyone) to really change.
Fortunately, Kundalini Yoga is a powerful technology that goes right to the body cells, i.e. subconscious mind, where your habits are stored.
When you commit to a daily practice of Kundalini Yoga combined with the powerful framework of support materials I've designed for you plus my active mentorship during your program, you are on the fast track to real transformation.


I created this course to give you the missing piece in physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Your Structure for Transformation

Immediate Relief

You'll learn a simple, approachable Yoga, Breath and Presence practice you can easily integrate into daily life. From day one, you'll move from a stress response to a relaxation response and notice the difference right away.

Rewire for Truth

You'll begin to merge with your Blissful Self by learning the most powerful and effective way to work with Affirmations. You'll seamlessly integrate Statements of Truth into your practice and raise your vibration.

Let Go and Surrender

Discover the true origins of stress and the key to dissolving it -- NOW. You'll learn an amazingly simple, natural technique for letting go of long-repressed emotions and trauma. 

Give Up Self-Improvement

You'll learn to let go of the false belief that you need to earn or be worthy of your natural state of Bliss by 'improving' yourself. You'll learn to recognize the ego and how it keeps you in a state of 'not enough'.

Implementation Week

A chance for you to simply practice with no extra work, benefit from the live calls, journal, reflect, and go deeper into the materials and/or catch up on anything from the first half of your program.

Be For-Giving

In this module you'll learn the spiritual practice of forgiveness and let go of what's been weighing on your heart. You'll learn how to reframe the past with compassion and free yourself from negativity.

Uncover Bliss

In this module you learn to uncover the Bliss that is always there within you by becoming aware of what is covering it up: compulsive mental activity. You'll discover the portals into Presence which instantly make you come alive.

Walk in Gratitude and Grace

In this final module, you'll learn to access the frequency of Bliss through the practice of gratitude, which helps you to feel abundant right now and manifest an authentic life that you love.

+ You Get These Bonuses

Bonus 1: The Bonus Modules!

You have two extra modules chock-full of helpful additions to your basic program. The Orientation Module is available as soon as you enroll, and sets you up for powerful success in the program.  Then there's the Bonus Module, designed to provide you with support for working with your accountability partners, the 'express' practice, and information to help you support your body and being as you transform. 

Bonus 2: One-on-one time with Claire

During your program, you'll have the opportunity to sit down with me for a 30-minute laser coaching session to identify blocks and resistances and process them so that they become stepping stones, rather than stumbling blocks. This is a valuable gift that I'm happy to give you, because my first priority is your success and spiritual growth through this process.

Meet your Teacher

I'm Claire Lautier, a Consciousness Coach, Life Mastery Consultant, and Certified Teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

During a 25-year career as a professional actress and singer, I went through a profound personal transformation which altered the course of my life.

My vocation is now to transmit the blessing of what I have received (and continue to receive) by Grace, from a space of Presence.

My teaching approach is two-pronged: I provide you with a vital education in Spiritual Law and how to get into harmony with it, while holding the space for you to develop a relationship with the deeper dimension of your nature, through meditation and yoga practices that are accessible to anyone.

Spiritual Laws are the permanent principles by which the Universe operates. They are the laws of your own nature. Understanding and coming into harmony with them means a life of greater ease and grace, where you deliver your gifts and fulfill your purpose. Currency with the Law is essential to your health, happiness and wellbeing.

I facilitate the transformation of consciousness through powerful programs combining the spiritual technology of Kundalini Yoga with clear articulation of the hidden laws that govern your results, giving you a robust framework for increasing your awareness and improving your physical, mental and emotional health.

This Is For You IF:

  • You're looking for real change and transformation through a holistic mind/body approach
  • You're willing to be temporarily uncomfortable in the service of your growth
  • You're committed to Mastery in the things that matter most to you
  • You're willing to make a commitment to daily practice for a definite period of time
  • You will settle for nothing less in life than knowing the Divine that you are
  • You love to grow and have the spirit of adventure
  • You're willing to push the boundaries of what you think you're capable of, physically and mentally

This Is NOT For You IF:

  • You're looking for a band-aid solution or a quick fix
  • You make excuses for why things haven't worked out for you in the past and come in skeptical
  • You're not willing to change your habits or do the work that is part of this program full-out
  • You're looking for someone else to solve your problems, or you're waiting for something outside of you to change so that you can change
  • You don't have a burning desire for freedom and true empowerment
  • You don't want to 'rock the boat' in your life
  • You're not willing to give yourself to yourself, heart and soul, and keep going when the going gets tough

"I hit a wall after living with imposter syndrome and other self-loathing for years, and turned to Claire to teach me how to understand the truth of my existence.  I took Burnout to Bliss and it transformed how I feel.  The daily practice, coupled with the life work, helped me face and shed old useless thinking, and find rejuvenation in peaceful acceptance, surrendering to being present with what is.  It’s a frequency of powerful goodness, and I plan to stay with this tribe.  Claire’s program is a must for anyone wishing to feel whole and find peace.  I highly recommend it."

-- Tara Kolla, Xanton-Chassenon, France

"This course has brought me into touch with my truth and inner value and encouraged me to reach out to my true nature ~ which is bliss! The deepness of the wisdom, love and tools that Claire has put into the course content and structure are fully aligned to the vastness of the challenge and growth that we need to undergo to leave the limiting and exhausting path and patterns/beliefs which bring us into a state of burnout and to re-gain power of our own life in bliss. This course is unique in its approach and very touching and life changing through Claire's endless love and light! I am so grateful and happy that I was part of a group of mindful and heartful souls and to have traveled this journey together... to know that I am not alone and to be supported and held by the community group was very touching and heart warming for me :) ~ I can really feel a sustainable shift inside of myself and I feel so deeply grateful. Thank you!

-- Guru Ratan, Germany

"Claire is a Master Spiritual Teacher. Her dedication, clarity and bravery are infectious and she walks her talk, so when you train with her you get a living example of the principles she teaches at work."

-- Fiona Mongillo, Actor/Producer, Ontario, Canada

"My awareness of abundance in its countless forms has grown and developed into something that may have taken me years to realize had it not been for Claire... everything changed for me in a matter of weeks."

-- Carmen Grant, Founder, Bird's Nest Listening Services

"The work that Claire does is absolutely transformative. She is grounded, authentic, accountable, loving and wise and I cannot recommend this work highly enough to anyone who wants to find lasting peace and true abundance."

-- Christina Rouner, Actor, New York, NY

Yes, I want this!

"This course was exactly what I needed in my life. Since I was a young kid I was known as a worrier and stress has dominated my life in one way or another for most of my life. Claire and her course have helped to give me some very concrete steps to handle stress when I am faced with it. These are tools for life and I am very happy to finally have them as part of my daily tool kit!"

-- Kristi Friday, Saskatoon, Canada

"Gratitude for this course and the enlightened teachings it contains. Claire is a true light in this world, and her gracious style of guidance makes these teachings accessible and a pleasure to experience."

-- Maryanne Co, Edmonton, Canada

"Claire has been a healing witness to my spiritual growth and development toward self-acceptance since 2019. I am so impressed by how she adheres to the principles of spiritual law that she offers in her teaching and coaching. I believe this is what makes her a powerful energetic presence which both anchors and encourages me in my evolution and which attracts me back to her as a teacher over and over."

-- Cristina Lella

"In From Burnout to Bliss Claire provided structure in which I had life changing experiences. After participation in the course I am feeling bliss.

The course work gave me actionable steps. I devotedly took the action suggested. I was able to be part of community that knows bliss. Sharing my personal journey with an accountability partner and a “coffee date” partner, brought me into a place of love and connection.

Now, the end of October 2021, I feel relief from much of the stress I’d been experiencing at the onset of the course. Since I started the Burnout to Bliss program, I have had no blood sugar crashes. I believe that my adrenals and kidneys are working together in super healthy ways, and therefore cortisol is not being released in a stress system. Since day two of the Kriya, I became disinterested in alcohol. I soon came to realize I also had no craving for sweets. My body is more limber than in years, I’ve lost some weight, and I feel excellent.

Since I’ve been more centered, calm and healthy, I think I’ve brought good energy to those around me.  I now know that I want my spiritual/personal goals to be aligned with my professional goals. When I started this class, I was not working. A contract I count on hadn’t been renewed. I was calm anyway. When I finally did get the contract, much later than expected, it was for more money than I’d ever made on that job.

I am now living at a higher frequency than I lived in 2020. Attuning yoga wisdom with mind clarity was Claire’s recipe for something wonderful, and it can be replicated for so many more future happy people!"

-- Jennifer Timm

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is feeling lost, hopeless, or fearful. Anyone that lives on the hamster wheel. This course has helped me to get my life back. I can actually sleep at night now, no more nightmares. I can stop at anytime during my day and breathe deeply and know that everything is going to be okay. I understand now that I can make my life be anything I want my life to be. And that is true freedom!"

-- Darla Wesley, Ohio, United States

Yes, I want this!

Frequently Asked Questions

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"Straight and Narrow is the Path, Waste No Time."

-- David R. Hawkins

There will never be a better time.

The time is NOW.

There is only NOW. The time to change is NOW. The time to decide is NOW. If not NOW, when?

Let this moment be the end of unnecessary suffering. Join me on this journey of mind, body and spirit. Expand your awareness and elevate yourself. Discover your innate potential and activate it. Once you do that, your life will never be the same.

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