Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

NOW LIVE Podcast Episode 10: The Grace of Gratitude: Worthy of All Good

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode: NOW LIVE Podcast Episode 10: The Grace of Gratitude: Worthy of All Good

"Open your life to Grace."

- Claire Lautier

Speaker, teacher, author and spiritual coach

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Fiona Mongillo

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I'm Claire. I’m an inspirational speaker, teacher, author and spiritual life coach who can help you design and manifest a life that’s in harmony with your Soul’s purpose.


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Latest Podcast Episodes

The Grace of Gratitude: Worthy of All Good

    It can be hard to feel grateful when you don't feel worthy. Many of us unconsciously come from a place of unworthiness, including people who appear to...

The Grace of Gratitude: Gratitude is Giving

  Gratitude as a way of life is an evolving, growing, life-giving relationship with all that is. A gratitude that simply IS. This constant interactive gratitude in...

The Grace of Gratitude: Transformative Gratitude

    In this episode of The Grace Space, we're looking at gratitude as the access portal to abundance. Most of us are familiar with the kind of ordinary gratitude...

The Grace of Gratitude: Everything is Freely Given

    Consciously making the effort to practice gratitude regardless of our circumstances is like placing a magnifying lens on all that is good in our life,...

The Grace of Gratitude: Turning up the Volume on Gratitude

  The grace of gratitude is that feeling of being overwhelmed by the goodness of life. We have a sense of being divinely guided, and that everything we’ve...

The Grace of Forgiveness: Physics and Forgiveness

The act and process of forgiveness really boils down to one of the basic, fundamental skills we develop with spiritual maturity, which is the ability to consciously...

My Latest Articles

Accessing Your Genius

There was a study done recently at Harvard called the Zero Point Study. It was a ten-year study on genius. The genius capacity is demonstrated by certain individuals who...

The Power Within You

Some people live ninety years, and others live one year ninety times. The difference is that those living their years to the fullest are living their dreams. We are all...

How I Found My Voice Again

« My heart is like a glorious grand piano, but the lid is locked, and the key is lost. » This quote from Anton Chekhov’s play, The Three...

Honour Your Discontent

We don’t always know what our life’s purpose or journey is supposed to be, or we may have so many dreams that we are overwhelmed with them all. However, one...

What I learned from shaving my head

I finally stopped hiding, and started living. « I’d love it if you would shave my head, » I announced to the young stylist in the LA hair...

Four Steps to Activating Your Abundance

Good news: you get to choose what kind of life you are going to live.Some people live ninety years; some people live one year ninety times. You can live a life ruled by...


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