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Three things contribute to true SUCCESS:

Structure of Support

Learn a reliable, repeatable scientific formula that makes your success predictable, with weekly coaching support.


Develop a Vision for your life you can fall in love with, and become who you were always meant to be in the process of realizing your Dreams.


As a client, you enter into a space of unconditional love, support and devotion to the realization of your highest potential.


*This is for you if your personal and spiritual growth is your top priority*

DreamBuilder is a proven, tested success system that has helped thousands of people for over 30 years experience major breakthroughs and achieve higher levels of success and fulfillment, with the greatest ease and FUN!

Over the course of 12 weeks, Claire will lead you on a journey of discovery. You will be learning THE MOST IMPORTANT information you were never taught in school.

This information is ancient wisdom that has been understood by all of the most successful, enlightened human beings of all ages. And it is VITAL to your health, happiness, and satisfaction in life.

"Claire is a spiritual midwife, encouraging and guiding her students to give birth, not only to their most precious dreams, but their authentic selves. She is wise, kind and refreshingly funny; a beacon of love and light. Her DreamBuilder course changed my life by helping me change my thinking. I have learnt how to co create with a universe  that wants the very things for me that I want for me. Who knew? Now that I do, my life is a  constant unfolding of infinite possibilities, whereby all I have to do is say YES!"

Gillian Summers
Santa Barbara, CA

What You Will Learn:

How to live from your true source of power – which is within you

How to connect more deeply with your passion and your purpose

How to create a conscious vision and gain the tools to live a Vision-Driven Life 

How to overcome your blocks and self-sabotaging behaviour. 

The tools to change the patterns that don’t serve you anymore and install a new set point for success in harmony with your dream.

A real working understanding of how to create the RESULTS you really want again and again.

What You Will Receive:

Weekly live coaching calls with Claire on Zoom (all calls are recorded)

Private Online Portal and excellent support materials

Weekly assignments and Life Work

Additional mentorship support (for group participants)

*Special Secret Bonuses!*

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"Claire Lautier is a Master Spiritual Teacher. Her dedication, clarity and bravery are infectious and she walks her talk, so when you train with her you get a living example of the principles she teaches at work. I went through the DreamBuilder Course with Claire and it has been a great privilege that has changed the course of my life by giving me the tools to understand and align with Universal Law. "

Fiona Mongillo
Stratford, ON