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You have a big dream you feel called to bring to life, and you know you want consistent and ongoing support to accelerate it into being. 

You're ready to dedicate yourself to the focused study and application of the spiritual Laws that govern success, and to take a quantum leap in your personal life and vocation to realize the most cherished dreams of your heart.

Your number one priority in life is Oneness with your true source of creative intelligence and power, profound inner peace, and the realization of the True Self beyond identification with form.


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"I started working with Claire in 2020 and even during this most turbulent year, she taught me to switch off the noise and tune in to what’s really important.  And as soon as I started doing that - practicing how to tune my thinking to a higher frequency, towards grace and forgiveness and abundance, something incredible happened. All the crap that had been holding me back, all those old patterns that had been preventing me from breaking through self-imposed barriers simply melted away. That’s when I really began recognizing my creative power. I wish this kind of positive transformation for everyone on the planet."  

Tara Kolla, Elite Client

Xanton-Chassenon, France

Elite Coaching Experiences

Choose from Private (one-on-one) or Small Group Experiences


Embark on a life-changing 12-month journey of transformation as you expand your Awareness by learning and applying the spiritual principles of success that lead to mastery of your creative powers. You'll gain a deeper understanding of Universal Law and the Higher Faculties of your Mind through weekly coaching calls with Claire and a suite of power-packed programs to provide the ultimate framework of support. 

You'll receive the transmission of timeless wisdom in a learning context that synthesizes the education you never received in school with accountability and action, to produce extraordinary results beyond anything you've ever been able to create in the past. 

Most importantly, you'll deepen your experience of your own Presence, the Source of all true creative intelligence in your life and the state from which you realize your innate completeness and prosperity.

Small Group Elite Coaching (12 months)

  • Develop a bond with your Mastermind Group during your 12-month Elite Program, during your weekly coaching calls with Claire and your monthly group Mastermind sessions
  • 52+ hours of small group coaching
  • Benefit from the Elite Suite of Programs and support materials
  • Enjoy complimentary access to Grace Circle Membership
  • Go deep during your 6-day Elite Retreat in southern France in June of 2022 (shared room)

Private Elite Coaching (12 months)

  • Work with Claire one-on-one as your dedicated private coach during your weekly coaching calls
  • 52+ hours of private coaching
  • Develop a bond with your Mastermind Group during your 12-month Elite Program during your monthly group Mastermind sessions
  • Benefit from the Elite Suite of Programs and support materials
  • Enjoy complimentary access to Grace Circle Membership
  • Go deep during your 6-day Elite Luxury Retreat in southern France in June of 2022 (private room)

"Claire is an exceptional coach for an Elite Client. She not only knows her material, she IS the material. In just 9 months, I have come so far in getting to know me, how to create and become my vision and how to have fun with my spiritual journey in this concrete world. Claire’s energy, enthusiasm and knowledge are contagious!"

Barbara Steed Young, Elite Client

Stratford, ON

The Elite Retreat

June 2022, Saint-Pierre-des-Champs, France

Join Claire and your fellow Elite students for an exclusive 6-day luxury retreat in the magical setting of the Corbières wine region of southern France. 

Blissful immersion in Presence is one of the hallmarks of this retreat.

Recharge and be inspired by the natural beauty of this unspoiled environment, heal and ground yourself with gentle yoga and meditation, healthy and delicious local gourmet food, and outings to the surrounding points of interest in an area rich with history, magnificent architecture, and Occitan culture. 

You'll benefit from the power of group consciousness during dedicated periods of study, exercise of your higher faculties, and Brave Thinking Activation to supercharge the realization of your Dream. 

Elite Coaching Bonus:

Complimentary Access to Grace Circle Membership Community


Grace Circle is a Community of Members who are committed to continually raising their vibration and expanding their awareness of what is possible by harmonizing with the universal spiritual laws as a way of life.

4 Monthly 'Touchstones' Keep You Growing:
Monthly Teaching Call
Monthly Q&A
Monthly Presence Circle
Monthly Mastermind


"Consistently Choosing the Highest Leads to Your Best Life."

-- Claire Lautier


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