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Grace: unmerited divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration or sanctification; approval, favour
Circle: a ring or halo; the orbit of a celestial body; a group of persons sharing a common interest or revolving about a common centre

Your growth is important! Don't let life spin you back to old patterns.

It happens.


You start to transform and get some momentum going through a program and you feel great because you know you're growing.
You resolve to stick with your new mindset and practices and continue your path of expansion...
... and then life happens.
As the months pass, you feel yourself slipping back into old habits, losing your sense of clarity and direction, or even going into an emotional tailspin...
And it can feel as if you're backsliding, losing what you had gained through your study, practice, and devotion to personal and spiritual growth.
It can be frustrating, disorienting and you can even feel ashamed, as if you've failed somehow.

I get it. I've been there!


Personal and spiritual growth are not linear. 
Sometimes it can seem like nothing much is happening, or things can feel really dense and arduous. Sometimes life becomes effortless, filled with synchronicity and magic.
There can be steady progress on some fronts and quantum leaps in others. But there IS a way to continually move forward:
Those who've worked with me know I always advocate 'staying in the study' -- that is, staying in the energy field of unconditional love and acceptance where you'll be challenged to leave your comfort zone, but sustained and supported every step of the way as you step forward in trust.
That's because I know from personal experience that higher frequency fields need to be experienced, established, and stabilized


Imagine you can

Receive consistent, ongoing support and mentorship, through teaching, conversation, and masterminding.

Remain in 'good company', surrounded by people who unconditionally support your growth.

Affordably sustain and even increase the momentum you've gained and continue to build positive habits.

If you would love ongoing accountability and support to grow consistently and facilitate integration of what you've learned up until now...

Join Our Community

Grace Circle is a Community of Members who are committed to continually raising their vibration and expanding their awareness of what is possible by harmonizing with the universal spiritual laws as a way of life.


It's a place of learning, loving support, laughter, practice, mutual encouragement, and miracles.


It's a way to stay in the study, nourished by an energy field of unconditional Love and expanding Light. A space where the unlimited potential of each member unfolds into continuous expansion, and where all members are uplifted by the power of group consciousness.


Grace Circle is a sacred place of Truth, where dreams come true, and the Intention to always choose the highest aligns us with our Highest Destiny, in service to all of humanity. 

Yes, I want to join the Circle!

Four Monthly 'Touchstones' Keep You Growing

Every week, you'll have a powerful way to reconnect with yourself and your fellow Members

Monthly Teaching Call

A 30-minute teaching on a key spiritual principle every month to help you deepen your understanding and shift your perspective.

Monthly Q&A

You'll have a chance to ask your questions and receive laser-coaching on your most pressing concerns.

Monthly Presence Circle

A 30-minute gathering to consciously dive into the inner stillness and silence of your Being through guided meditation.

Monthly Mastermind

Learn and practice a simple method of sourcing ideas from Infinite Intelligence in breakout groups with your fellow Members.

+ You Get These Bonuses

Private Membership Community

A place to connect and share with one another through our online membership portal.

Access to Call Archives

During your membership you'll have access to recordings of our calls for each month.

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Consistently Choosing the Highest Leads to Your Best Life

If you're reading this page it's because you're already invested in your growth. And I don't need to tell you that personal and spiritual growth is the ONLY game in town now.
We've crossed into a new era for humanity, one where it's no longer what you have or what you do that counts anymore, but rather, what you have become. We're starting to understand within the collective that everything we receive in life is by virtue of what we are vibrating and who we are Being.
Those of you who are waking up now know that what you truly want is peace, joy, love, freedom -- those inner divine qualities that mean unshakeable serenity, no matter what challenges you are facing.
You are ready to let go of striving, struggling and suffering, and to receive now. To surrender to the flow of Life and to trust.
If this is you, join me in building conscious community that recognizes the Greatness within us and honours our Oneness.
The way forward is Together. We need each other in order to grow, individually and collectively, and to support one another in consistently choosing the Highest.
Whenever we choose the Highest, events ahead of us in time form a deterministic sequence based on that choice. We are continually navigating towards our best life.
Thus it is my intention with Grace Circle to support you on a consistent basis, by providing the support and framework that builds trust in the Laws of Life, so you can say YES to what the universe is seeking to manifest through you and your life, with joy. 

"Claire has been a healing witness to my spiritual growth and development toward self-acceptance since 2019. I am so impressed by how she adheres to the principles of spiritual law that she offers in her teaching and coaching. I believe this is what makes her a powerful energetic presence which both anchors and encourages me in my evolution and which attracts me back to her as a teacher over and over."

-- Cristina Lella

"Claire is a Master Spiritual Teacher. Her dedication, clarity and bravery are infectious and she walks her talk, so when you train with her you get a living example of the principles she teaches at work."

-- Fiona Mongillo

"I started working with Claire in August 2019 due to a significant loss joy in my life stemming from a breakdown over two years in my relationship with my son, his wife and their two young daughters. The relationship breakdown was accompanied by deep feelings of loss and sadness. Over a three month period working with Claire, I saw significant healing within my relationships. Each month brought notable changes including the reestablishment of a loving, trusting family bond. By the 2019 holiday season, the transformative healing within our family relationships was well underway. I'm now grateful to have been the caretaker of my two granddaughters while my son and his wife went to hospital to deliver our third grand child. I've experienced notable developments in the other areas of my life thanks to Claire’s support and mentorship, including fulfilling a life-long dream to be a painter. I've embraced my divinity and self-love, I run daily, weight train and have lost 50 pounds in my journey to date!"

-- Cate Melito

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Choose a New Earth and a New You Through Community and Support


We need support to move gracefully through the planetary changes and our ascension process. You must CHOOSE to anchor the mission of your Soul. It doesn't happen automatically.

In the absence of this choice -- the only truly meaningful one we can make -- we default to habitual ways of thinking and feeling which keep us stuck in cycles of suffering, looking outside of ourselves for happiness which is fleeting at best. 

To continue to grow personally and spiritually, we must make it our conscious choice and priority.

Since the outside world is nothing but a projection of our own consciousness, doesn't it make sense to elevate our consciousness first and foremost?

"Claire is a wonderful mentor who helped me articulate and move towards my dreams. I encourage anyone who is feeling stuck, who feels something has to change, who knows they have a dream but cannot see a way to bring it from their mind into the world, to contact Claire. She is spectacular and I am grateful to know her."

-- Ruby Joy

"Claire is an exceptional coach. She not only knows her material, she IS the material. In just 9 months, I have come so far in getting to know me, how to create and become my vision and how to have fun with my spiritual journey in this concrete world. Claire’s energy, enthusiasm and knowledge are contagious!"

-- Barbara Young

"Claire is a spiritual midwife, encouraging and guiding her students to give birth, not only to their most precious dreams, but their authentic selves. She is wise, kind and refreshingly funny; a beacon of love and light. Working with her changed my life by helping me change my thinking. I have learnt how to co-create with a universe  that wants the very things for me that I want for me. Who knew? Now that I do, my life is a  constant unfolding of infinite possibilities, whereby all I have to do is say YES!"

-- Gillian Summers

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Stay Connected to Truth

As challenges continue to mount in the outside world and systems crumble, we're discovering there are as many sources for information as there are points of view. It is easy to succumb to confusion and divisiveness if we are looking for a reference point outside of ourselves, in a constantly changing environment where the predominant vibration is fear.

Spiritual Truth is eternal and unchanging. It is the only true reference point, and it is within your own Self. Build your relationship with the Source of your own Being to find real stability.

Join Grace Circle Membership Community and be part of the solution. Live your best life regardless of circumstances and help others by accessing the calm centre within your own Being. This is the highest service you can offer those you love, and the world.


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  • Teaching Call, Q&A, Presence Circle and Mastermind
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