How I Manifested My Dream Home (Part 2)

Season #2

This is a true story of how dreams come true. And it's my story.

Some of you know that we moved to France in the summer of 2021. I've shared the joys (and the challenges) of this move in bits and pieces.

But what I haven’t shared with many people is the way that all this came about.

I want to tell you this story because it illustrates so many of the principles that I teach and talk about in this podcast, and for me, it’s one of many demonstrations from my own life that we are always held and guided, even when our ability to listen and align with the Law is imperfect.

It’s about how you can’t make a mistake in life no matter how hard you try, because all roads lead to Home.

In the second instalment of this story, I talk about...

  • the power of dreaming way bigger than what you think you can afford
  • how I 'happened upon' the property I had seen online, even though I didn't know what it actually looked like or even where it was 
  • how I doubted myself because of a belief in struggle and difficulty and rejected clear guidance -- and how I was gently guided back on the path
  • the cryptic past life message I received from a woman I had just met that confirmed my intuition about my connection to where I live
  • how sometimes you have to go the 'wrong' direction in order to get to the right place

and more...

Join me as I go deep into my own story of how the impossible becomes possible when you align with the Laws of Life.


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