Learning to BE with Juanita Campbell Rasmus

Season #2

This is for anyone who's felt like the rug of life was pulled out from under them.

Join me for a soulful conversation with my friend and colleague Pastor Juanita Campbell Rasmus, an author and inspirational speaker who's been featured on Good Morning America, Psychology Today, Fox Soul and Christianity Today among others!

Juanita and I met through our common mentor Mary Morrissey and we just hit it off. I was so attracted to her grace, her elegance, her nobility of bearing, her gift of listening and her energy of blessing.

Juanita is someone whose life is so clearly and consciously infused with Spirit that it’s elevating just to be near her. But things have not always been easy for Juanita.

I never would have known when I met this powerful and present woman that she had been through a 3-year major depressive episode where she couldn’t even get out of bed.

She talks to us today about that period of her life, what it taught her and how this dark night of the soul was the means by which her perception of herself and Spirit was healed and transformed.

You'll learn...

  • how Juanita went from the pain and rigidity of an identity as a people-pleasing, approval-seeking, driven perfectionist to the joy of letting go of who she thought she was and embracing her True Self
  • how to know when you or someone you love are in 'the chrysalis' of transformation (and what NOT to do)
  • the two critical, transformative questions that Spirit asks of each one of us, and why you will never feel truly fulfilled until they are answered
  • what Juanita found at the bottom of the darkest pit of despair, and how it radically changed her perspective on herself and Life
  • how to interpret the spiritual meaning of the pandemic and other disorienting world events
  • the message Spirit has for all those listening to this episode!

And lots more. I also tell the story of how Spirit spoke to me through Juanita (she's hearing this story for the first time too!) when I had a question pressing on my heart.

Enter a high-frequency space of grace and blessing as you listen in on our conversation.

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