Sacred Intimacy: Confession

Season #4

Confession is good for the Soul. And the brain. 

It's time we told ourselves the truth about some things and connected the dots.

The dots in here -- reconnecting the parts of our brain that have been disconnected from each other due to trauma.

And, correspondingly, the dots out there -- realizing the extent to which we have long been subjected to systems of control that deliberately stifle our human potential.

Divinity has given us free will to explore all aspects of consciousness, even the extreme opposite of divinity.

There is a luciferic energy at work in the world; that's nothing new, but the outlines of its invisible hand are becoming more visible as increasingly desperate attempts to create chaos, fear, scarcity and division as justifications for increased control.

This dark, corrupted aspect is devoid of love and denies our divinity and our sovereignty. In fact, it seeks to turn us against one another, and even to turn you against yourself.

The solution is to wake up, connect the dots, and remember that you ARE divine, and you have the power of love.

But how do we make this a living reality, rather than just an idea?

We can fortify ourselves by promoting intimacy with our True Nature -- what I call Sacred Intimacy.

Sacred intimacy heals our inner separation so we can reconnect with the love that we are and the truth that we literally have everything within us already to live in love, abundance, and radiant health. 

The best things in life really are free. And so are you, when you free yourself of dependency on the systems that seek to enslave your spirit.

Chaos, fear, and scarcity consciousness cannot affect you when you know you have everything within. You don't need what the world is trying to sell you, nor can you be bought. You become bulletproof and unexploitable.

It begins with Confession, a healing Sacred Intimacy practice that integrates all the disparate, exiled parts of yourself, leading to unity, integrity, and wholeness within.

And, as within, so without. 

The world needs you NOW. Join me for this new series in The Grace Space, where we'll explore free Sacred Intimacy practices that can deliver you to yourself, free you to your highest potential, and make you a lighthouse to others as we go through the labour and birthing of New Earth. 


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