Blossom From Within

Season #4

Grasse Roots Perfumery: What my self-guided intuitive apprenticeship in perfume making taught me about beauty, harmony, alchemy, and blossoming from within.

Many years ago, galvanized by a powerfully liberating dream during nap time, I spontaneously started an artisanal natural perfumery.

I was an actor. I had never made perfume in my life, or even thought about it.

But within a very short time, a line of seven natural perfumes was birthed, fully formed.

Something was initiated, something was awakened, something began to flower in me that I couldn't comprehend, but I had the sense of destiny about it.

It was all part of some greater unfolding that I couldn't see, but I could feel.

This is the story of an early spiritual initiation, an intuitive journey into the alchemy of subtle essences that prepared me for my own alchemical journey.

As we cannot connect the dots going forward, only looking back, it wasn't until years later that I could appreciate where it was leading me.

It was a gentle teaching about coming into the full flowering of Self, which is always a totally unique expression of our gifts, blossoming to infinity from a point of power within.

And it has served as a gentle reminder that the Source of all beauty, creativity, and sustenance is within.

A reminder that has sustained me as I learn to break myself of dependency on anything but my divine connection to Source, and to trust It completely.

And, no surprise, the story starts, and comes full circle... in France.


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