The Grace Space

The Grace Space

Hosted by: Claire Lautier

The Grace Space is your cocoon of sanity in an evolving world, where we learn about spiritual law, and how to apply it to our lives in a way that is practical and life-changing. I give you tools for creating a life...


Walk in Grace: The Law of Forgiveness

Season #1 Episode #26

Welcome as we continue in our study and discovery of the Universal Laws by which this entire creation operates, and by which we ourselves are operating whether we realize it or not!Forgiveness is a Law of the...
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Walk in Grace: The Law of Non-Resistance

Season #1 Episode #25

I created The Grace Space to give you a place to harmonize your thinking with Truth. This series Walk in Grace focuses on the immutable Laws of the universe which govern all creation. As you fall in love with these...
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Walk in Grace: The Law of Compensation

Season #1 Episode #24

You can have anything you truly want if you understand the immutable Laws of Creation. In this series Walk in Grace, we're looking at a different facet of the Law each week to help you deepen your understanding so you...
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Walk in Grace: The Law of Increase

Season #1 Episode #23

In our series Walk in Grace, each week we’re discovering a new Law among the Universal Laws. These Laws are the key to your freedom, the ability to create a life you absolutely love.Today we’re going to be talking...
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Walk in Grace: The Law of Receiving

Season #1 Episode #22

Welcome to our current series Walk in Grace where each week we’re looking at the universal laws of life to increase our awareness and gain a level of understanding that will free us to live truly unlimited lives.This...
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Walk in Grace: The Law of Attraction

Season #1 Episode #21

A great master of yoga was once asked to define enlightenment. He answered simply, “No stress.” That may seem overly simple at first glance, but it’s actually very profound. Stress is a sign that we’re out of the...
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Walk in Grace: The Law of Supply

Season #1 Episode #20

During this new series Walk in Grace, we’re studying the laws of the universe and how to get into harmony with them. This is the very best thing you can do for yourself, as understanding these laws is crucial to your...
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Walk in Grace: The Law of Thinking

Season #1 Episode #19

Welcome to a brand new series on The Grace Space! I'm so excited to kick off a power-packed introduction to the Laws of the Universe called Walk in Grace.We’re going to be looking at a bunch of different universal...
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The Paradigm

Season #1 Episode #18

There's something holding you back. It's invisible. It's in every cell of your being. And it's been sabotaging you your whole life.  Every time you wanted something but you were afraid to go for it.  Every time you...
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The Gifts of Grace: Perception

Season #1 Episode #17

Here we are in our last episode in the series The Gifts of Grace. We’ve been studying the higher mental faculties, spiritual gifts that we’ve all been given so that we may communicate with the Infinite Intelligence...
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The Gifts of Grace: Reason

Season #1 Episode #16

We’re continuing our series on the Gifts of Grace, these amazing faculties that we’ve been gifted with that are our interface with the Infinite Intelligence, whose purpose is to help us literally create anything we...
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The Gifts of Grace: Memory

Season #1 Episode #15

Did you know you have a perfect memory?Memory is one of our higher mental functions, one of the gifts of divine grace we've been freely given in order to co-create with the Infinite Intelligence so that we can live...
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