The Empowered Artist

Home-Study Program


A 90-day Journey to Increase Your Creativity, Multiply Your Opportunities, and Reconnect to Your Joy While Living in Abundance


Are you struggling to make it to the next level of your career as a performing artist or Show Business Professional? 


Are you frustrated because the decisions that affect your life and career often seem to be in someone else's hands? 


Do you sometimes feel discouraged by ‘the business’, creatively muted, or stressed about making a living as an Artist?


There is a way to consciously build the life you would love as an Artist (whether you're a performer, writer, director, or any combination of those) without sacrificing your integrity or having to 'take whatever you can get' just to be working. 


Many Artists suffer from fear, anxiety and depression in an uncertain and constantly changing professional landscape. These negative emotions can be paralyzing and limit your opportunities and earning potential, not to mention your long-term emotional and physical wellbeing.


***You don’t have to live this way.***


You can be an Artist AND be successful and happy.

This is why we created

The Empowered Artist Program


  • 7 empowering modules of the S.T.A.R.S. Success System, a synergy of teachings that can dissolve any block
  • The Empowered Artist Program Workbook
  • Audio and Video Lessons, Meditations, and journaling exercises
  • Digital Delivery of all Support Materials Through Your Private Online Portal
  • Lifetime Access to Course Content
  • Access to Weekly Live Teaching Calls Archive
  • Access to Monthly Mastermind Archive 
  • Access to Guest Experts Call Archive
  • Access to in Kundalini Yoga Class Call Archive to support your body's nervous system as you raise your frequency of vibration
  • Optional add-on: private coaching sessions with Claire

The Modules

Orientation Module

Welcome! Here's where you have your Course Portal tour and orientation and your first lesson on how to succeed in this -- or any -- online course.

Set the Stage for Success

Now we lay a foundation for the experience by identifying and articulating what you really stand for as an Artist: your Values, your Vision = your Vibration!

Transform Your Perception

In this module you receive one powerful tool that frees you from the past which you will work with during the process and learn the One Thing you must do to magnetize your Destiny.

Reality Creation 101

An introduction to the most important subject you never got in school: conscious manifestation and the Primal Laws of Creation. We strip away the misinformation and streamline this misunderstood area.

Accept, Affirm & Align with Abundance

Now we learn to tune into the sacred Abundance frequency, transform trauma into pure gold, and enter into expansion as ever-increasing abundance.

Say Yes to Structures of Support

Learn how to create and run a Mastermind Group, release the old paradigm of competition and welcome the new reality of support and inspiration. The other person is You.

The Archive Module

A real treasure trove! Here you'll find the archives of Masterminds, Kundalini Yoga Intensives, and 3 Guest Expert classes to inspire and enrich you.

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Your Teacher: Claire Lautier


Claire Lautier has been called the premier Performing Artists' Spiritual and Success Mentor. She's an award-winning certified transformational coach, podcaster, author, and Certified Teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

As a Juilliard-trained award-winning actress and singer with a 25-year career in show business, Claire played leading roles on some of the greatest stages in North America and abroad and appeared in memorable roles in mainstream TV and film (including showing up in your living room every year in the beloved Christmas Classic 'Elf'). She worked and rubbed elbows with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, was featured in a Vanity Fair photoshoot, and even walked the red carpet as the lead in an Oscar-nominated short film.

Claire has a deeply personal and compassionate understanding of the struggles artists face -- and often hide. A 7-year spiritual odyssey taught her the secrets to inner peace and success, and her mission is to transmit the keys to true freedom to the performing arts and show business community through practical, actionable teachings that can be applied right away to transform your results.

She teaches performing artists and showbiz professionals how to find inner freedom so that they can create the outer freedom they’ve always dreamed of.

She has helped hundreds of clients multiply their opportunities, increase their abundance, and reconnect with their original joy. She is committed to helping all artists flourish in the highest expression of their gifts and talents, to positively impact their own lives and elevate the world.

Christina Rouner

The work that Claire does with people is absolutely transformative. The door that she opens is one that all my previous struggling never would have shown me and I have experienced, since working with her, how so many things I needed in order to unlock my best life were behind that door. She is grounded, authentic, accountable, loving and wise and I cannot recommend this work highly enough to anyone who wants to find lasting peace and true abundance.

Enjoy self-paced study of 7 power-packed modules, complete with audio and video lessons, special meditations and the beautiful Empowered Artist Workbook.


With access to the full archive of  Live High-Caliber Content and Coaching Calls, 3 Mastermind Sessions, 3 Kundalini Yoga Intensives, and 3 Guest Expert Classes, The Empowered Artist Program reveals you to yourself as the Shining Star that you are, with the life and career to match it.


It's time to take back the power you've given away to the Business, the Industry, and the limiting beliefs that have held you back from living -- and loving -- your life as an Artist.


Instead, realize that YOU and YOU ALONE are at the creative centre of your world. You are free to be as successful and prosperous as you've always dreamed, expressing your God-given gifts for the highest good of all, whether it's in show business or transitioning to a new role in life.



Fiona Mongillo

Claire Lautier is a Master Spiritual Teacher. Her dedication, clarity and bravery are infectious and she walks her talk, so when you train with her you get a living example of the principles she teaches at work. Working with Claire has been a great privilege that has changed the course of my life by giving me the tools to understand and align with Universal Law. 

You are an Artist, and the world needs your Light.

Nothing can block you except yourself.

It's always about getting out of your own way. 

Take your Power back now.