How I Manifested My Dream Home (Part 1)

Season #2

This is a true story of how dreams come true. And it's my story.

Some of you know that we moved to France in the summer of 2021. I've shared the joys (and the challenges) of this move in bits and pieces.

But what I haven’t shared with many people is the way that all this came about.

The feedback I get from you, dear listeners, is that you find it instructive and interesting when I tell you personal stories, so I want to tell you about how we came to live here in this house in this place, because it’s a story about intuition and trust and conscious manifestation that illustrates many of the spiritual principles I teach on this podcast.

It's also a story about Grace, and how we are led and guided on our path despite our best efforts to deny and resist the truth of our divine origins. It’s about how you can’t make a mistake in life no matter how hard you try, because all roads lead to Home.

In this very personal episode of The Grace Space, I talk about...

  • my karmic and ancestral connection with the area we live now
  • the other dimension I see in my visions and why I became obsessed with domes
  • the power of dreaming way bigger than what you think you can afford
  • the first synchronicities that showed me I was aligned with my destiny stream even though I didn't know where I was being led
  • how sometimes you have to go the 'wrong' direction in order to get to the right place

and more...

Join me as I go deep into my own story of how the impossible becomes possible when you align with the Laws of Life.


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