Make Peace With Your Body with Dri Marie

Season #2

Are you at war with your body?

My guest today is a beautiful Light who has come to help you make peace with your body and develop a kinder, gentler relationship with it. She deeply understands that distortions in our perception of ourselves and our bodies are rooted in issues of self-worth that transcend the body — and that the path to peace with your body leads to true inner peace.

Dri Marie is the founder of the Body Joy Academy. She's a food and body image healer for women, mindful eating and mindfulness teacher and a certified coach. She healed herself from disordered eating and terrible body image by turning her back on diet culture and opening up to intuitive eating approaches as well as practicing self-kindness, self-compassion and body acceptance.

She believes that every woman deserves to be free from the tyranny of beauty and a reductive vision of health to finally start shining like the Goddess she is in a world that needs her gifts!

In this episode of The Grace Space, you'll learn...

  • how our relationship with food and our bodies can contribute to stress, and how pressures to "perform health" can paradoxically make us feel worse about ourselves
  • rest as a missing piece of food and body image healing, and how we chronically deny ourselves true rest by staying in "doing mode" all the time
  • how to find your "healthy rebel" archetype - going against the grain of measuring our worth through external factors
  • how the two modes of either resisting or drowning in emotions can keep us stuck in overwhelm, and how to bring mindfulness to emotions
  • the power of gentle curiosity as the key quality to healing

And much more!

Watch the Video Version of our interview HERE

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Her book! Body Love Magic: 28 Spellbinding Practices to Become a Bona Fide Body Image Witch/Mermaid/Fairy Queen


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