How I Manifested My Dream Home (Part 4)

Season #2

Would you believe that the Divine Will is for your perfect happiness? Joy and peace are not an idle dream, but our true inheritance.

So much of the conscious manifestation process is about learning to let go of the (false) belief that true happiness isn't really realistic or possible. 

I speak not of a naive kind of happiness that wilfully denies the full spectrum of human experience, the 'frozen smile' false happiness some call 'toxic positivity' -- but the deep, abiding joy that is already within you, placed there by our Creator, but covered over by guilt, fear, and doubt.

The spiritual purpose of desire is to help us dissolve the doubts we have about our worthiness to receive what we dearly want in our heart of hearts. Though the object of desire may take the form of something in the material world, such as a soulmate, our dream job, or our dream house, these forms ultimately reflect the deepest longing we have to feel whole and complete again and to live in beauty, ease and grace.

In this instalment of how I manifested my dream home in France, I've embedded some jewels for you to discover, such as...

  • the MAIN block to manifesting what you deeply desire
  • the true source of unconscious guilt and how to free yourself from it
  • how a dream you cherish helps you overcome the very limitations that seem to stand between you and the object of your desire

  • why it pays to be 'unreasonable' in conventional terms, and how it's actually a requirement for you to bring a dream into reality

And lots more. I reveal the surprising connection between the property and my spiritual home at my teacher's ashram, and the symbolism of transformation contained in the location, including what it taught me about my own journey coming full circle.

I also take you on a tour of the property! I've even included a secret video from the day I describe in this episode, just for those who listen to this podcast ;-)

Looking forward to seeing you in The Grace Space!


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