Living From The Miracle with Anthony Michael Martinez

Season #2

Despite appearances, what we are undergoing on Earth now is a shift in perception from fear to Love. This is the definition of a Miracle.

Join me and actor Anthony Michael Martinez for a deep, beautiful conversation about miracles, and how to live your life from the miraculous.

Anthony is a NYC-based actor and teacher with an MFA in Classical Acting from The Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Academy for Classical Acting.

In addition to his teaching artist work with acclaimed theatre companies such as Red Bull Theater, Classic Stage, and New York Theatre Workshop, Anthony has also developed his own masterclass called Acting In Spiritual Principle where he teaches the art of applying universal spiritual principles to the craft of acting.

So I think you can guess why I wanted to invite him into The Grace Space!

Anthony and I actually worked together at Red Bull Theatre in New York, but at the time I had no idea we had so much in common. I’m delighted to share our conversation with you today, which will interest actors and non-actors alike.

You'll learn...

  • what it means to be 'the Light of the World' and how you can share and expand this Light, no matter what your role is in life
  • the root cause of all struggle and suffering, and how to begin to release it
  • how a heartbreak in Anthony's life led to his study of A Course in Miracles, and how he paid it forward with love instead of grief
  • how Anthony helps others make a decision to be happy, take their power back and regain dominion over their intention -- and how all of this is your birthright and human inheritance
  • Anthony's advice to the artist (or the artist in you), and the one key question you must reflect on to access the deeper core of your Being

I also hearken back to a time in my own journey when my life was dominated by ego and very small indeed, and how the pain of that propelled me onto a new and higher timeline.

To find out more about Anthony and his work, including private coaching, you can visit his website at

You can watch the video version of our interview (and see Anthony's handsome face) HERE :-) 


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