How I Manifested My Dream Home (Part 6)

Season #2

Bob Proctor, God rest his Soul, said that goals are not for getting, goals are for growing.

In other words, when you have a dream in your heart, the true purpose of that dream is not the achievement of the dream itself. Its true purpose is spiritual. It’s about your growth: whom you had to become to bring forth your vision for a more beautiful life.

In this last instalment of the series on How I Manifested My Dream Home (well... there is an Epilogue coming, but still...) I reveal how everything came together to enable us to buy the beautiful place where we now live, seemingly against all odds.

In this episode, I help you understand, through my own experience...

  • the importance of identifying the feeling you are seeking underneath the desire for what you want, and how key it is in manifesting the object of your desire
  • how I continued to persevere in keeping my vision front and centre despite obstacles, delays and doubts
  • how I worked with the Universal Law of Circulation to move the energy and increase our abundance -- without having to actually make money!
  • that the universe speaks to us through others, and how I received encouragement from the mirror of reality
  • why you should trust in Divine Timing, and how delays and being 'stuck' totally worked to our advantage

And lots more. I share how I dared to dream even bigger (even when nothing seemed to be moving forward on any front), as well as the letter I received with a special message of encouragement from the universe, and I relate numerous synchronicities that helped me keep the faith when the fears and uncertainties were getting to me.

I confess that I crammed a lot into this episode because I didn't want to split it up and have everybody be mad at me for making them wait for the conclusion :-D


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