How I Manifested My Dream Home -- Epilogue

Season #2

In manifesting my dream home, I came to realize that the true manifestation was not the physical place at all. The true manifestation of 'Home' is the reconnection to a far vaster Self than you ever realized you were part of.

Since coming to live here in my dream home in Southern France -- not just the buildings but the actual land -- I've been shown things.

Being in this place with which I am so geomagnetically aligned has expanded my consciousness while grounding me in the earth. 

It's helped me to come into a deeper, fuller realization of my purpose and higher destiny, and to begin to claim it.

Claim it so that others can claim it. Because it's a shared destiny about the realization of our True Nature as Beings beyond the limitations of doubt, fear, disease and death... beyond this earth, even. 

It's about remembering what we'd forgotten about our Divine origins in the stars, and how this awareness will help us step into a new life on a New Earth.

(and I thought it was about a beautiful place to live ;-)

In this episode, I look back in amazement at everything that happened in the course of manifesting our dream home in France, and I've left more jewels for you to unearth, including...

  • how to surrender while simultaneously maintaining a laser-like focus on your dream
  • the deeper meaning of physical aches and pains and illness, and how you can tune into them to enlarge your awareness and connect to your true Power
  • why you never have to worry about another person's path and whether it's going to line up with yours, and how to release agenda with your loved ones so that they can discover their own highest good
  • why no one has to lose if you win, and how to release this false and disempowering belief
  • how following you heart to what's good for you is always good for the world

And so much more. I tell you the story of the day we made our purchase offer (which was rejected), and how we started moving into our new home before we had even signed a contract! 

AND, about the trials and difficulties I had to face alone at my new home during the fall and winter months as the alchemy of the forge acted on me to reshape my perception. 

The gift of manifesting my dream home was not only the place itself, but also all the challenges it presented me that called up the latent fears that had to be overcome with courage to step into the next phase of my Becoming.

You can do it too.


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