Move Through The Ring of Fire with Rachel Astarte

Season #2

Have you ever met a Self Specialist before? Well, you're about to!

You’ve often heard me affirm that we’re living in a New Age now, one in which job titles like that of my next guest will be reoriented to reflect the priorities of the Aquarian paradigm.

I’m blessed to know a number of amazing Lightworkers who support people in this transition, and Rachel Astarte is one of them.

Rachel is a holistic psychotherapist, author, educator, and podcaster. She is the author of Celebrating Solitude: How to Discover and Honor Your Highest Self.

She hosts the podcast, “Self Talk with Rachel Astarte,” which helps listeners develop a healthy sense of self and is available wherever podcasts are streamed. As a "self-specialist," Rachel's fully virtual practice is dedicated to the vision of Unity through Individuality. The stronger our foundation of self, the better we can contribute to the world around us.

Our conversation revolved around what Rachel calls the Ring of Fire: the most intense moment of birth pangs before the birth of a New Self and a New World -- and how we can move through this Ring of Fire with grace and ease.

During this stimulating conversation, you'll learn...

  • more about the unique role you were born to play in the new age of the New Human (and why no one else can play that part)!
  • how to stop performing for acceptance and approval, and free yourself from conditioned societal roles
  • why you are ALWAYS provided for when you step into your True Self
  • that you don't have to compromise in order to survive and betray your heart or your integrity
  • how to feel what you feel without being pulled down by negativity in this constantly changing world situation

And much more. It turns out Rachel and I are kindred spirits (both performers and kundalini yogis), so we had a lot of fun discovering the synchronicities that brought us together.

I know you'll be inspired to realize, yet again, that the future holds only your highest good, and that there's every reason to look forward to the future because YOU are the one who chooses your timeline, not circumstances or conditions!


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