From 3D to 5D: You're Not Crazy, You're Ascending

Season #2

Stressed? Under pressure? Feeling directionless, uprooted, disoriented or on an emotional roller coaster? You're not crazy. You're ascending.

It's time to talk about a very real, natural phenomenon that we're undergoing right now on our planet called Ascension

Understanding what Ascension is and how it affects us is essential knowledge that can help you root yourself in the changes that are occurring and navigate them with more ease and grace.

In this episode of The Grace Space, I'll go further than I've ever gone before in laying out some of the cosmological context that forms the backdrop for this moment in human history we have the privilege of passing through.

If you've been feeling down or anxious about the state of the world, take heart. This is all going somewhere, and it's going somewhere good -- if you believe it is.

An essential part of harmonizing with this ascension process is accepting that each of us lives in a reality of our own choosing. So, if you want a bright future, choose to focus on what you DO want, rather than what you don't want!

In today's mind-expanding episode, you'll learn...

  • how the cycle we're in right now fits into a much larger scale of the evolution of consciousness, and why we have every reason to be optimistic about the future of humanity
  • what the change from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age has to do with what's going on now and how you might be feeling
  • how to accept your spiritual upgrades and embrace homo spiritus, the new genus of human being born within us now
  • what 'ascension symptoms' are, and if you've been experiencing them
  • three simple but non-negotiable skills you need to develop in order to ascend with more grace and ease

And lots more in this very rich episode, which I hope will open your eyes to the vastness of your being in a way they've never been opened before, and inspire you to step into the next phase of your own Becoming.


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