Inner Alchemy I: Own Your Creation

Season #3

Peace. Joy. Love. Abundance. Are these a living reality for you? Or just words?

We all dream of living in those states, but usually put them in the future, once we've 'figured out' how to achieve them. 

This series on Inner Alchemy is a reminder that those states are NATURAL to us. In other words, they're our True Nature. And they are only available in the Here and Now.

Every episode I share with you an Alchemical Key to letting go of the lower states -- fear, guilt, shame, anger, blame, and any other form of negativity -- that obscure our simple, natural state of felt Oneness with life, and the joy that arises from that.

What happens when you let go of negativity and resistance? Revelation. And everything you fought and struggled for in your previous state of separation... just finds you.

That's Inner Alchemy.

In today's episode, you'll learn...

  • the key attitude which is the baseline for integrity -- the one you must embrace before anything can truly work for you
  • how to determine if you're living in a victim mindset without realizing it
  • how to tell the difference between responsibility and blame
  • why you gave your power away, and how to reconnect with it

I share a personal story about how I learned the difference between owning my creation and punishing myself for it... and I give you a super simple practice to try out for a week that proves, through your own experience, why this key is so powerful.

Ready to start the process of Inner Alchemy? Have a listen.


Bonus Links!

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