Living with Grace and Ease: Radical Responsibility

Season #2

One of the major shifts we’re making individually and collectively now is understanding that we experience a reality of our own creation.

Our feeling of personal empowerment is directly related to the degree to which we accept this fundamental truth.

Physicists have shown that the observer of an experiment affects its outcome by expectation, that atoms behave differently when they’re being watched. Everything we experience in our reality is a product of our consciousness. This is the Law.

So what about you?

Have you fully accepted this in your own life or are you still trying to negotiate?

In this episode of The Grace Space, we'll discover...

  • how Radical Responsibility makes your life easier by eliminating stress and that deep-down feeling that you're not good enough
  • why there’s no point in trying to 'be more spiritual' and how to cut yourself a break
  • the ONE THING you have to give up if you want to see a different set of results in your life
  • the number one most pointless and disempowering question -- and why you never need to ask it again

And much more. I also tell you a very personal story about how my father's death taught me to let go of blame.

Want to go deeper with me?

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