Inner Alchemy III: I Create My Reality... But Who Is 'I'?

Season #3

'I create my own reality' as a New Age dictum has almost moved into the common parlance now, at least among people who are interested in a podcast like this one.

It's become a hashtag of the manifestation variety.

And it's certainly true, for better or for worse. It has always and will always be true.

Our very nature is creative. We create automatically, with every breath. We don’t have to try.

We don’t have to learn manifesting; we’re doing it all the time.

The more important question is WHO is doing the creating. Who is the 'I' you think you are?

One creates beautiful dreams, and the other one nightmares.

In this episode, you'll learn about the third Alchemical Key that sets you free, and...

  • how we create automatically based on our vibration, and how that vibration is affected from moment to moment by our state of being
  • the difference between aligned creation and creation from the egoic mind
  • why we often create more limitation for ourselves despite our best intentions, and the key to extricating ourselves from destructive cycles 

And much more, including a personal story about my early years as an actor and how they trained me in Inner Alchemy, unbeknownst to me at the time.


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