Inner Alchemy VI: Freedom is a Choice

Season #3

Are you free from inner oppression?

Most of us feel like life dictates the degree of freedom we have. Externally we live within certain boundaries and limitations that are imposed from without by the laws of man and the laws of nature.

We may feel limited in our freedom of time, money, or physical capacities too.

It can be frustrating to chafe against these limitations when we want to express more of who we are in the world.

But outer freedom is an expression of inner freedom.

Are you able to find inner spaciousness in any situation? 

Can you feel free no matter what's going on around you?

Free from the inner oppression of fear, worry, anxiety, doubt?

That feeling of dread that you’re about to be beset by a mind attack or emotional storm and there’s nowhere to run?

It is our ultimate destiny as human beings to transcend our lower nature and live as the joy, love, and spaciousness of our True Nature.

But don't put that day off in the future for yourself. 

Now is the time to choose to be free.

In this episode of Inner Alchemy, we'll explore...

  • a recap of all the alchemical keys we've looked at so far, and their relationship to each other
  • how to practice awareness in everyday life as a path to freedom
  • the difference between outer freedom and inner freedom, and why it's important
  • why outer restrictions are not against you, and how they can lead to true freedom
  • why we really don't want to let go, or hold on to resentments and old self-concepts

And much more. I also share a story about a recent experience where I was faced with temptation by the spiritual ego around the very issue of freedom, and how the inner conflict was resolved.

Join me now as we get real in The Grace Space!


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