Inner Alchemy VII: The More You Give, The More You Have

Season #3

It seems like a contradiction. And to ordinary awareness, it is.

How can you have more if you give more?

If you do the math, it doesn't seem to make sense. Giving away necessarily implies that what you've given away, you no longer have.

Then again, it depends on your interaction with the field of consciousness, and the spirit with which you live your life.

Whatever we give, we receive. Whatever we offer as a vibration returns to us in kind.

If we offer kindness and love, it returns to us as more kindness and love.

If we offer resentment and smallness of spirit, Life responds with smallness and meanness.

Everything is a mirror, offering us insight into ourselves and the energy we're holding -- if we're willing to look.

Today's alchemical key unlocks the door to greater joy and abundance.

It dissolves the Scrooge in us -- the selfish, small-minded, ungenerous, tight-fisted, jealous tendencies of the ego that are at the source of so much pain individually and collectively.

In this episode, you'll learn...

  • the two most important qualities to cultivate if you want to perform inner alchemy
  • how to experience more peace, more love, more opportunities, more abundance, and more of all the good things your heart is longing for
  • the quickest and easiest way to shift our of a 'get' mindset, and the origin of our need to gain and win
  • how to recognize whether you're operating in the limited domain of force, or the unlimited realm of spiritual Power, and how to make the leap from one paradigm to the other
  • what a person of increase is, and how to become one

And much more. I tell you a story about how I first consciously discovered that I could easily move into an upward spiral of 'feel-good vibes' -- as I was pin-curling my hair for a wig!

Join me now in The Grace Space.


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