The Path of Grace: My Journey Part 3

Season #3

I had spent years rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Little did I know the ship was about to go down. In a good way.

In this instalment of The Path of Grace, My Journey, I share with you how I made a life-changing decision to walk away from the life I had built to follow a path into the Unknown.

It took me an agonizing 10 days to work up the courage to simply be honest with myself about what I truly wanted, and then to make the decision to follow my heart.

In this episode, I share with you...

  • what I learned from a New York City casting director about Grace
  • the characteristics and attributes of a true Spiritual Teacher
  • how I went through eight years of therapy entertaining my therapist and never getting into anything real
  • the blessing I received from a swami in India who resolved questions by his Presence alone
  • the difference between the linear, material, Newtonian realm and the nonlinear realm of spiritual power, and why you have to transcend the intellect if you want Self-Realization

...and much more in this packed episode of true stories, including sailing into dragons, why life is just like that movie Contact, and how I got to have my cake and eat it too because Life is so good.

The floor is officially open for your questions (see the link below to submit yours), to which I will devote an entire future episode! 

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And here are some extra goodies related to today's episode to enrich your experience!

Watch the actual Sacred Ganga Aarti Ceremony led by Swamiji:

Check out Dr. Arroway's Speech in Contact: (

And here's a link to The Metamorphosis Concert I mention in the episode, where I sing a French song and talk about how yoga has transformed me. I was right in the thick of the changes during this baby!:


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