The Path of Grace: My Journey Part 6

Season #3

Is it selfish to do spiritual work? Not everyone will thank you for it, that’s certain. 

Whatever step we’re taking spiritually is going to make some waves inwardly -- and probably outwardly too. 

The inner work we do doesn't only affect us -- it affects the collective because we're all connected. And it especially affects those nearest and dearest to us.

When you start to change, it creates ripple effects in the world around you.

Family dynamics are affected, relationships have to adapt or fall apart. 

The ripples awaken subconscious fears, tear from us cherished illusions, and expose the fault lines in the fragile constructions of our lives we have tried so hard to hold together.

If our houses are built on sand, they start to slide. And usually, we do all we can to keep up appearances, for as long as we possibly can.

In this episode of our series on The Path of Grace, I share with you...

  • what a family member's disapproving remark taught me about the Law of Reflection
  • how to become bulletproof by owning your sh*t so it doesn't own you 
  • the discovery of my disowned addictions, and the one main addiction we all have
  • why it's getting harder and harder to hide anything, and how the frequency of unconditional love can save us from the pointlessness of guilt and shame

And much more, including my faux-pas in the French 'actors centre', seva time for character defects, and befriending deep sea fish in the abyss.

The floor is officially open for your questions (see the link below to submit yours), to which I will devote an entire future episode! 

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