The Path of Grace: My Journey Part 8

Season #3

Sometimes we need to do something radical to announce to ourselves that we want a change. For me, it was shaving my head.

In today's episode of The Grace Space, I share how a symbolic act can express a spiritual intention and open the door to a deeper transformation.

My intention was to reveal myself to myself.

To live as the Self is uncompromisingly authentic and requires boldness, courage, and a gentle refusal to conform to the roles that are expected of us.

It's a refusal to betray the soul by stupefying ourselves with the familiarity of our comfort zone, playing it safe, and bolstering each others' illusions.

It is not a reaction against something else, but a balanced, compassionate and tender response to the falsity of the world. -- a promise, renewed daily, to drop all pretense and to be True.

And it starts with you. Naturally.

I was definitely not ready to live that honestly -- so I shaved my head instead.

In today's episode, I share the story of my first attempt to show my true colours -- at least, my true hair colour!

We'll discuss...

  • the five things you must be willing to drop in order to ascend in consciousness
  • how we travel down the ladder of subtlety into physical form
  • why Love has more spiritual power than Reason, and how to make the quantum leap from one paradigm to the other
  • the futility of trying to protect the ones you love, and why you shouldn't interfere
  • how we betray our soul, and the way back to authenticity

And lots more, including winning the battle but losing the war, my henna routine, and more beautiful words from Rumi.

Watch a 10-second video of the deed!


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