The Path of Grace: My Journey Part 10

Season #3

“My heart is like a glorious grand piano, but the lid is locked, and the key is lost”. 

This quote from Anton Chekhov’s play, The Three Sisters, perfectly describes the state of being I existed in for nearly 20 years of my life.

In fact, it describes the state of many, many people who don’t yet have access to the heart space.

In today's episode, I share with you the story of how I lost my voice for so many years -- and my access to the heart space --  and how I found it again. 

We'll talk about...

  • how you can instantly raise your vibration through one of the key access doors to the heart space of pure Knowing which transcends the intellect
  • the uniqueness of your vocal vibration as an expression of your Soul Essence
  • the mirror of reality, and how you can use it to see yourself with compassion
  • the connection between your heart and your voice

... and much more, including spiritual guidance from the Other Side, angels dressed as human beings, heart failure, and The Sound of Music.

Here's the link to the song I wrote for my father:


The floor is officially open for your questions (see the link below to submit yours), to which I will devote an entire future episode! 

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