The Path of Grace: My Journey Part 11

Season #3

To break free of your cocoon requires courage, honesty, and a refusal to play the roles and the games that are expected of you by just about everyone.

“Your path is the path of Grace”, my teacher told me several years after I had committed to my spiritual journey. Intuitively I knew it was true, but I can’t say I understood what exactly it meant.

Over the years I’ve deeply pondered what Grace is, how it has acted in my life, and what it means to be on the path of Grace.

I see it as a path of simplicity. Simply being YOU, unadorned.

How? By dropping the mask -- letting go of everything that is false and leaving the sleepy comfort of your cocoon.

When we let go of playing games and playing roles to get our needs met, whether emotionally, physically, financially, or even spiritually, we enter a new space of consciousness like walking from a dank, stuffy room into the fresh air.

That’s when magic happens: we attract the Grace by our new frequency.

I didn’t understand any of this back when a dear friend angelically guided me toward a new vocation on the path of Grace after her passing.

In today’s episode, I share…

  • The hallmarks of any truly self-realized person and how to recognize one (hint: it’s not by how many Instagram followers they have)
  • How and why I transitioned to a new vocational path in the midst of the happiest time in my life as a performer
  • My first experience in the role of ‘priestess’
  • The amazing sign I received from the spirit realm when I really needed some reassurance after taking what felt like a huge, crazy risk

And lots more, including visions of domes in France, singing with kids in hockey skates, and the best preparation for being a yogi.


The floor is officially open for your questions (see the link below to submit yours), to which I will devote an entire future episode! 

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