The Q&A Part 1

Season #3

You asked. I answered. Here come the Q&A Episodes!

During this third season of The Grace Space, I've shared spiritual keys of inner alchemy with you, and gone deep in the telling of some of the stories of my own journey on the Path of Grace.

Your messages of gratitude have really touched me -- and your questions too! 

I promised you I would dedicate an entire episode to addressing those questions collected during the course of this season so you can go deeper.

It turns out to be more than one episode! Thanks to your interest and your courageous questions, we will spend the next few episodes in exploring them.

In today's episode, we'll talk about...

  • the EGO! Understanding its origin, function, and how to free yourself from its limiting programs so you can let go the burdens of the past and truly come alive
  • Why we forget our True Nature and get lost behind the veil of illusion
  • The true dynamic at the root of nearly ALL relationships and why we need to be honest, admit it, and own it
  • Therapy, digging up the past, and the difference in focus between therapy and spiritual work
  • an exercise you can use to discover what your life lessons are and the underlying purpose of difficult relationships

And much more, including grandiose toasters, my ego's nickname, and a really loud computer fan.


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