The Q&A Part 2

Season #3

In today's Q&A, we invite the intellect over for tea and listen to all the ego's 'yeah, buts'. Well, maybe not ALL...

The egoic mind is full of resistance to spiritual truth. But there is another part of us that recognizes it when we hear it.

When that part of us outweighs the ego’s resistance, the thirst for growth becomes all-consuming. But you have to be willing to go deep if you really want to be free. 

Courage is the price of admission to your True Self.

This panoply of perfect puzzlers in this episode represents our attempt to finesse answers from our True Self and leap from one paradigm to another.

This Q&A is a journey from the mind to the heart, the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension, the linear to the nonlinear.

Today we're grappling with...

  • the consequences of manifesting from push energy as opposed to consciously surrendering to the highest good
  • the excuses, reasons and rationalizations we offer ourselves and others to avoid going to the deep and dark places that birth us back into the Light
  • real life examples of taking radical responsibility, and how it puts us on a higher timeline
  • the difference between letting go and passivity
  • the ego's love affair with victim consciousness and how to get over your own drama

And much more! Join me as we explore and discover more thanks to your questions.


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