The Q&A Part 3

Season #3

Are you 'standing in your Truth'? Is that just an ego trip? Is it selfish to be your Self?

There seems to be some confusion about what it means to 'stand in your Truth'. 

What is my truth? Am I allowed to be myself? What does that even mean? What about other people? If I'm true to myself, it could hurt others.

If I'm true to myself, my life might fall apart!


When we truly 'stand in our truth', we find out whether our carefully constructed life can withstand it.

Was it a real life? Or a fake one?

As we said last week, courage is the price of admission for self-initiation on the spiritual path.

In this final Q&A we get to the heart of the matter and strip away all the habits and justifications we use as bandaids and ways to avoid actually growing. We'll talk about...

  • how to tell the difference between standing in your truth and ego tripping or self-inflation
  • whether thinking is necessary for survival
  • the higher purpose of spiritual relationships
  • how to use the four phrases of Ho'oponopono in a real life situation so you can attract more and more and 'do' less and less
  • what's the point of doing spiritual work if it makes your life fall apart?

 And more in this final episode of Season 3. 


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