Every Week A Little Death: Samskara

Season #4

Death is everywhere. But that doesn't have to be a downer. If we embrace it, we are reborn.

Welcome to Season 4 of The Grace Space!

There are seasons in life, just as there are seasons in the year. And it's important to recognize that these seasons are a natural part of how we grow and evolve.

It does no good to resist winter when we're in winter. Winter has its purpose and its place. Under the ground, in the dark, miraculous things are happening, even though what appears before our eyes seems grey, cold, and dead.

In our human life, we experience winter as seasons of endings that can feel like death. These are opportunities to process all the emotions that we associate with death -- fear, grief, regret, sadness, despair -- and to ask the deeper questions about life.

This season of The Grace Space is the most personal one yet. I'm going to take you with me as I apply the principles of spiritual law to my own dark night of the soul. Because as it happens, I'm in one. 

And the content of our life is the curriculum for our evolution.

In this first episode we're going to talk about what's really been driving our choices and decisions, running (and sometimes ruining) our lives, and my encounter with my personified ego during a shamanic journey. Which was basically the first domino.

But don't worry -- there's plenty to laugh about too. Like this clip from The Heat, which I mention at the end of the episode.

In fact, humour and death are close cousins. So let's go.


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