Every Week A Little Death: Can You Handle It?

Season #4

Why do we store the past inside us instead of letting it go? Why do we hold on to pain? Because we can't handle it.

In this episode, we explore our tendency to stockpile emotional energy, or samskaras, and the often serious consequences this has on our life.

The truth is, we were never taught to handle our emotional energy.

It's commonly accepted that we should live our life, choose our relationships, our work, and generally base our decisions on what will maximize pleasure and minimize pain. 

This is what most people are engaged in, and it's considered totally normal and even sensible to adopt this approach.

It's evident in our broken medical system, for example, which pushes drugs to handle symptoms without inquiring into the source of the dis-ease.

The problem is that avoiding pain or treating it superficially doesn't make the pain go away. It only increases the pressure we feel from never having dealt with it.

When we make life choices in order to avoid disturbing the sleeping dragon, we never engage the source of our suffering: the fact that we ourselves have stored this energy in us, and we are the only ones who can dissolve it. 

While we hold on to these unresolved energies of the past, we block our own life force energy from circulating and providing the natural, uncaused feelings of wellbeing that we long for.

And when we can't handle the range of emotions that our heart continually emanates, we shut ourselves down and live in greyscale. This can have serious consequences for our lives that last for years and cause great suffering for ourselves and others.

I'll share how not being able to handle the full range of my own emotions led to just such a situation.

Freedom is knowing that no matter what happens in your life, it cannot shake your profound peace and wellbeing. You never needed life to give you those feelings, because their source is within you. But while you're all blocked up inside, you'll never know it.

Let's explore this together and see what we can let go of today.


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