Every Week A Little Death: Dissolution

Season #4

What happens to our life when our sense of identity dissolves? What happens to our relationships when we no longer play by the old rules? What is it that survives dissolution?

Dissolution is when something falls apart, disperses, dissolves, and changes form. It's a form of death. We see it in the rotting fruit; the log in the fire that turns to ash; the sugar cube that melts into your coffee.

Dissolution is part of Nature and the universe. It's one half of the alchemical process coagulum solvare, the process by which all things are constantly moving between densification and dissolution. It happens at every scale of existence, including the stars, who expand and collapse in on themselves over eons of time to fuse the very elements that make up our bodies and everything we know.

In the journey of the Soul, dissolution occurs as you let go of the false self with all its beliefs, requirements, and its created world. Things, people, familiar roles, your health, even parts of you are removed. The hard shell of the ego begins to crack and fall away, obsolete patterns are exposed, and long-buried fears are no longer resisted, but faced. Everything that you thought you knew and believed you were is called into question and you, as you knew yourself, begin to dissolve.

The truth is, you can't survive dissolution. Not the you you think of as you. But something that could never be destroyed emerges.

Call it the Dark Night of the Soul, call it The Void, call it Shaktipat -- it feels like a period of intense pressure, and it isn't easy. In today's episode, I share with you how I'm experiencing Dissolution.


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