Every Week A Little Death: Ethical Relationship 1

Season #4

How do we heal our relationships? And is it possible we've been missing the point about their true purpose?

For many people, relationships are a source of pain, frustration, even anguish. Many intimate relationships are minefields where we learn to step carefully. Many a happy wedding turns to divorce or uneasy cohabitation.

Until we understand the true purpose of relationships, disappointment is inevitable.

In a largely unconscious consumer culture, relationships become yet another attempt to fill the void, and we often mistake attachment and obsession for love.

In unconscious relationships, real love is muted by our constant attempts to get our needs met, rather than simply opening as love itself.

So how do we, as perfectly imperfect humans, open ourselves to love? How do we move from unconscious relationships based on projection to conscious, ethical relationships?

By failing. And by being willing to learn from those failures of loving.

By not putting unrealistic expectations on our relationships, and understanding their function as crucibles of transformation in our spiritual evolution.

By deeply realizing that we're here for one reason only: to free ourselves of the blocks to love that are nowhere other than within ourselves. And to BE that love.

In today's episode of The Grace Space, we explore Ethical Relationship, which puts Divinity and the Soul's evolution at the centre of relating, rather than our unresolved wounds.


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