Every Week A Little Death: Mother of Dragons

Season #4

The best thing to do when Life is purifying you is to surrender. Or... add fuel to the fire.

Purification is a necessary and natural process on the spiritual path.

But it burns.

How do you know you’re being purified?

It’s often through a series of deaths, losses, and endings. It stirs deep questioning and even brings us face to face with our mortality, and what we’ve made of our time on Earth.

Are you getting it? Or are you missing the point?

Purification can be likened to an encounter with a fire-breathing dragon that guards the treasure we seek.

We must gird ourselves to face our fear of being incinerated -- reduced to a pile of ash -- and walk through the fire. 

Purification is called tapas in yoga and translates as 'heat' or 'austerity'. It's how life strips us of our familiar bearings and burns away everything that isn't our True Self.

It is a kind of death.

The question is, can we withstand the pressure that we undergo during purification? Or will we cling to the false self as the only one we've ever known? Do we choose to stand -- perhaps alone -- in radical truth? Or bury ourselves even deeper in illusion out of fear?

Sooner or later, we have to choose whether to step into Destiny or succumb to fate. 

So, who's with me?


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