Sacred Intimacy: Go Wild

Season #4

Are you still wild? Or has your wildness been civilized all the way out of you? How far have you drifted from Nature?

Sacred Intimacy is the naturalness of simply being as you are, and that’s anchored in your wildness.

The loss of wildness translates to a loss of trust in Nature, in Life and the implicit order of the Universe.

When there’s an agenda afoot to turn us into complacent, compliant automatons for whom our true nature as Source Energy Beings is but a distant memory, we need more than ever to come back to nature and reconnect with our wildness.

Our wildness is intimately connected to our Oneness, to Mother Nature, to our planet, to our intuitive self, to our body, and our Divine birthright of joy, aliveness, and freedom.

Feeling our wildness plugs us back into what it is to be fully human beings of spiritual origin: fully human and fully Divine.

When did you lose your wildness? 

Are you ready to reawaken your wildness, return to sanity, and live as the natural, carefree, spontaneous and joyful True You?

True freedom is knowing that your Being is a closed system that is perfectly designed and continuously fed by Divine energy.

It follows the expanding spiral of universal abundance, naturally heals itself when given the chance, and lives in harmony with Nature. 

In today's episode, I share with you how I lost touch with wildness growing up in the suburbs of the United States capitol -- and, how I'm getting it back again.

You can too. If you feel the nostalgic pull for a simpler way of life, for a return to authenticity and true healing, this episode is for you.


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