Sacred Intimacy: The Master Of The Space

Season #4

Are you truly the Master of your space? If you think mind control is limited to fictional sinister dystopian TV shows and movies -- think again.

The whole point of mind control is that you don’t even realize you’re being subjected to it until you wake up.

We can no longer afford to simply accept official narratives about the events we're witnessing in our world; we need to question everything, especially when questioning itself is made the enemy.

Open your eyes. Open your mind. 

But especially, especially, open your heart.

We need everyone who is awake and waking up to vibrate in harmony with Truth. 

And how do we do that in the midst of intense pressure and chaos? 


Sadhana is a Sanskrit word for spiritual practice. 

A spiritual practice is whatever helps you remember that you are a sovereign spiritual being.

It’s a way of focusing your consciousness on what’s Real and True, rather than on what isn’t. 

Sadhana makes you the Master of your space.

YOU. Not someone else, or something else. YOU.

Join me today as we discuss the simplest way to move to the eye of the storm, where the weather is always beautiful.

It's the place in you where you experience Sacred Intimacy, the cozy knowingness that no matter what storms are raging out there, the sun forever shines in here.


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