Sacred Intimacy: La Petite Mort

Season #4

Women: are you on speaking terms with your Yoni? If not, you're missing out on one of life's most fulfilling relationships.

We have no idea the power we possess right in our very own bodies. 

For thousands of years, systematic repression and control of women's bodies and natural rhythms have divorced women -- and men -- from the true depths of power, pleasure, creativity, spiritual wisdom, and the expansion of consciousness that come from a rich and rewarding relationship with the yoni.

The yoni -- or 'sacred space' -- is a sanskrit word for the vagina and extends to the consciousness of the creative, reproductive center that is the second chakra. 

The second chakra is the locus of everything that has to do with sexuality, creativity, money, flow, pleasure, and our one-to-one relationships with other people. 

Healing the wounds of this center by letting go of the samskaras or unprocessed traumas our body is holding onto liberates a tremendous amount of creative energy.

In today's episode, I share with you how an accumulation of micro traumas as an adolescent -- not to mention macro traumas in later life -- contributed to a serious life-force leakage and distortions in my second chakra.

If your sexuality is not fully, healthily, joyfully expressed (whether you're partnered or single) you're functioning at a deficit and depriving yourself and the world of the most liberated, grounded, creative, spontaneous, empowered version of you.

Not to mention missing out on some pretty spectacular life-changing orgasms.

Oh yes.

All this and more today and in the weeks to come, in The Grace Space.



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