Coming Home

Season #4

When we're going through the most challenging times of our lives, we have a huge opportunity to discover Wholeness. 

The last year has been such a challenge for me. 

Up against my deepest fears and most entrenched limiting beliefs -- by conscious choice -- I've been living where the rubber meets the road.

But this is where we really encounter the Point of Power within ourselves, because we have to.

Today I tell you the story of being brought back against my will to the property I thought we had sold after the deal fell through at the last minute,

Seemingly unable to move forward, find closure, or put something new into motion -- not to mention the absurdity of moving every stick of furniture and box back in the direction from whence it came -- I was initially frustrated, but mostly afraid of the big 'I can't' that welled up in me.

I wanted to run away. From memories, from pain, from responsibilities.

Then I saw that the house was me, and the situation was a metaphor, a mirror teaching me to let go, to open, to dissolve the primal fear of insufficiency from the place of Wholeness within myself.

To stay. Not run away. To trust the Self within the self, and my innate ability to merge with It.

And to discover that the Sacred Intimacy of Wholeness was what I had always longed for... and what we all long for.

It was teaching me to come Home to the Self within myself to know the Wholeness that heals all ills and provides all solutions.

You can do it too. It's our destiny.


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