Open Wide The Door

Season #4

Don't be afraid. Open wide the doors to your life. 

In this final episode of Season 4, I share with you a synchronistic -- and recent -- story about two very special crystals of mine that broke on the same day, and the flood of teachings that poured forth from them.

One was repaired with no loss of integrity.

The other had come to the end of its journey and gave up the ghost.

One taught me about wholeness and eternity. The other taught me about breaking from the past and dying into the future.

Both shared their wisdom about breaking open and making even more space to be filled with more energy and light than I thought I could handle.

They showed me I could be cracked and even broken and still be whole and complete.

They reminded me not to wait to dream, and to take the steps I could take NOW to realize the biggest Vision of my life.

They inspired me to open wide the doors to my home, my heart, and my Being to receive infinite grace and blessings pouring to me, through me, out into the world, and to surrender to the natural law of expansion before I was ready.

Listen, and understand.

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