Living with Grace and Ease: Stop the Insanity

Season #2

Struggle is obsolete! Passé! And totally optional.

Does life often feel like a struggle to you? Do you have a feeling of swimming upstream? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your emotions? Are you often tired, depleted, or exhausted by negative self-talk?

Then this new series of The Grace Space is for you!

What if life doesn’t have to be difficult?

The life we experience is a product of our consciousness, so if you’re worn out by it all, it’s time to stop the insanity that’s going on in your mind.

In this new series, we’re going to examine what gets in the way of us living with more ease and grace, and how to dissolve it.

You'll learn...

  • what unexamined core beliefs and assumptions may be limiting you without your even realizing it
  • where the old paradigms we've been trapped by came from, and how to let them go
  • why we hold on to resistance and negativity

... and I share a personal story about my own struggle with the negative voices in my head, and the realization that helped me to transcend an old pattern.

Join me as we help you to shift your perspective on what stress really is, and how to let go, release negativity, and make the daily experience of stress a thing of the past!

Want to go deeper with me?

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