Living with Grace and Ease: The End of Self-Improvement

Season #2

Would you believe that in order to live a life of grace and ease, one of the most important things you could give up is self-improvement?

What if I told you that your quest for self-improvement is keeping you stuck?

Self-improvement is a huge industry based on longing and discontent. 

We want to see a different set of results in our life. We want to feel happier, healthier, we want more love, more abundance, more time, more creative fulfillment.

On the one hand, this is noble and right, because our human impulse for greater expression comes from the Divine in us.

On the other hand, when we live only on the surface of life, the state of dissatisfaction comes from being unaware of the deeper dimension of our nature and identified with a false self.

In this state we have a perpetual feeling of 'I'm not good enough'.

In this episode you'll learn about...

  • how the quest for self-improvement can keep you stuck in your personal drama
  • the relationship between spiritual dis-ease and physical disease
  • why external improvements will never compensate for inner feelings of unworthiness, uneasiness and incompleteness
  • why releasing what's false in you makes you a magnet to abundance and opportunity
  • how to ACTUALLY benefit from the self-improvement work you do!

And much more. 

If you want more peace, more serenity, more love... more comfort, relief, rest, abundance, joy, freedom, or bliss... Look no further. It’s already here, as close as your breath. You don’t need to improve yourself to find it.

You just need to know how to access it.

To find out how, listen to this episode of The Grace Space.

If you’d like to go deeper and work with me personally, please check out the links in the episode info. Everything’s there and I hope you’ll reach out to me if you feel called to do so. 

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