Why You Need a Sacred Space

Season #2

Why You Need a Sacred Space Now More Than Ever

Never underestimate the power of your own mind -- it can bring you to a life of grace and ease, or it can keep you in a hell of suffering and struggle. Whatever your predominant state, it has to do not with the world outside you, but with your perception.

The good news is, your perception can be changed.

And one of the ways we can begin to shift our ancient belief in guilt, shame and inevitable punishment -- that feeling that if it's good it can't possibly last, or that the other shoe is going to drop -- is to establish what I call Sacred Space, within and without.

In fact, Sacred Space is one of the pillars of living with grace and ease.

In this episode, you'll learn...

  • what Sacred Space is and why it has the power to shift your perception
  • how to release guilt and the egoic pattern of 'noble self-sacrifice'
  • how to measure your inner spaciousness by looking at your home environment
  • the role Sacred Space plays in the times we are living through, and how it can help you thrive instead of just survive
  • and much more!

I tell you a personal story about how Sacred Space brought me into the orbit of my spiritual teacher years ago, and why establishing your own Sacred Space can help you leap from fate to Destiny.

This is a power-packed episode, so get ready for a shift in perception!


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