Living with Grace and Ease: From Me to We

Season #2

In this series Living with Grace and Ease, I've given you my prescription for how to eliminate stress at its origins by making 5 Simple Shifts.

In our last episode of the series, I reveal the 5th and final shift that brings all the others together. 

Stress is a by-product of our fallen state, our belief in separation from our Source. When we implement these 5 Shifts, we come back into a sense of Oneness again; an alignment with the natural laws that govern this whole universe.

When we come into harmony with these natural spiritual laws, life gets easier and we experience higher levels of inner peace, prosperity, and the joy that arises from within that is not associated with any outer circumstance.

The last shift is to embrace Community and Mentorship. In this episode you'll learn:

  • why Community and Mentorship are essential to living with grace and ease, your spiritual growth and return to Oneness
  • how to identify the right mentor for you
  • how intentional spiritual communities affect the planetary vibration and can literally change the course of human events
  • why spiritual communities and mentors are the leadership model for the New Earth
  • and much more -- this episode is rich and power-packed!

I also share a personal story about why I have always invested heavily in the mentorship to heal my perception, and the power of spiritual community in my own transformation.


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