Inner Alchemy II: We Were Programmed. Now What?

Season #3

We may not be as free as we think.

If you assume that you are exercising your 'free will', listen to this episode. 

We have a lot of unexamined assumptions in life.

There's a tendency to believe that the reality we experience is the only one, and that we are 'right' about it.

There's a tendency to believe that the limitations we experience are 'just the way things are'. 

There's a tendency to be attached to our way of seeing things, even if it means remaining within the limitations and constraints that we perceive as the cause of our suffering.

The truth?

All of this is just programming. And we've been making our choices from a 'free will' that is sharply circumscribed by this programming.

We've all been programmed. So now what?

In this episode of The Grace Space, we'll look at the second Alchemical Key that can free you from your programming so you can make your choices based on the inspiration of the Now rather than defaulting to reactivity based on patterns from the past.

We'll talk about...

  • where all this programming comes from and how it got there
  • how our paradigm influences our perception and causes us to see things in a distorted way
  • where all of our problems actually originate
  • the necessity of letting go of our attachment to the way we see things so that we can be free

And lots more.You'll discover that knowing you've been programmed in the first place is the first step to accessing true creativity and living the fulfillment of your highest potential.

Yes, we've all been programmed. But that is not who we ARE.

Isn't it a relief?


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