Inner Alchemy V: Inestimable Worth

Season #3

Who are you? What are you all about? How do you see yourself?

And most importantly... does it even matter?

One of the stages of personal growth is the development of a healthy self-image. 

Anyone who seeks to achieve their dreams eventually realizes that we cannot outperform our self-image, and that unconscious negative self-concepts and emotional energy fields like shame, guilt, anger and fear continually sabotage our best efforts at fulfillment.

The good news is that our self-image can be improved.

Our attempts at self-improvement are an expression of the desire to overcome limitations, satisfy our longings and dissolve our discontent.

But while a well-adjusted ego may be a worthy therapeutic goal, it is only a stage in our development.

As long as self-improvement is rooted in the ego's dissatisfaction, true fulfillment remains elusive.

We remain stuck in the personal sense of self, which ultimately only perpetuates suffering.

The alchemical key I share with you in this episode is a shortcut -- not only will it improve your self-image and your sense of deserving, but it will also help you transcend the built-in limitations of the very self you are seeking to improve.

You'll learn...

  • where to connect with the true source of your worth as a human being (hint: it's not in your human part)
  • how to avoid the 'self-improvement trap', an unproductive path that leads to more frustration and a vicious cycle of guilt and self-condemnation
  • why our sense of deserving is so unstable and constantly needs shoring up
  • why any image or concept you have of yourself, even an empowered one, is ultimately false
  • how to stop seeking your worthiness, and instead, let go of the need to feel worthy altogether

I tell you the story of how flopping in a commercial audition (big time!) prompted me to ask the deeper questions about identity and self-image, and start to let them go.

Are you willing to let go of who you believe yourself to be?

To leave behind the familiar feeling of being 'you' in favour of true Freedom?

And mostly, do you want to hear about my embarrassing face-plant in that commercial audition?

If so, join me now in The Grace Space.


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