Every Week A Little Death: Ethical Relationship 2

Season #4

In an unconscious relationship, you're always working on the other person. In a conscious, ethical relationship, you're always working on yourself.

In today's episode of The Grace Space, I share what I've learned from two 'failed' marriages about what really destroys trust and intimacy.

It's not what you did -- it's why you did it.

And the fact that, most likely, you have no idea.

When we're unconscious, we're unreliable. Our feelings, decisions and choices arise from murky inner drives about which we are clueless.

Instead of relating to others from pure love, we tend to engage in control dramas driven by the unresolved past in us.

We can easily get lost in cyclic attempts to alleviate our (often subconscious) fears and insecurities by subtly or overtly manipulating others to get our emotional needs met. 

This leads to suffering.

As we become more conscious, we gain the courage to take a fearless inner inventory and question our true motivations. 

What is the deeper purpose of a relationship beyond falling in and out of love? Beyond the creation of children and families? What is it here to teach us?

Mass awakening continues to shake up the status quo on our planet day-by-day, and this year it will be bigger than ever. 

The divine evolutionary impetus behind it demands a reexamination of our values and a seismic shift away from disempowerment to sovereignty, from systemic dysfunctionality to global healing. 

This resonates on the interpersonal level as a yearning to recenter our relationships around authenticity, truth, and divine reconnection. 

Global social upheaval on the collective level is reflected by the shifting sands of relationship and family dynamics on the personal level.

Change can be painful as we let go of our illusions, but as always, if we're willing to assume responsibility for our part of things, we begin to heal the inner divisions within us from which our distortions spring. 

All relationships can be vehicles for transformation to a higher order. It all depends on whom you serve. 

So, whom do you serve? Let's explore that together today.

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